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Seeking Joy & Passion

Seeking Joy & Passion

While we are battling snow and frigid temperatures, I find joy in knowing that spring is just around the corner, and longer days are coming, along with the wonderful occasion of daylight savings time on March 14th. Yes, I just love losing an hour of sleep!

Did you know that every day can be time for seeking joy? Personally, I find joy in sunshine, time spent with family & friends, a good book or movie, and my hobbies. At work I find joy in implem

enting ways to continue our mission and seeing the excitement on our families’ faces when they realize they can do the hard work and that it is worthwhile. I am an Enneagram 9, which means I love to help others, am compassionate and feel things deeply. I have also learned to be organized. I am blessed and joyful that I have a job that is making a difference!

How do you seek joy? Does it come from serving, providing financial assistance, finding new ways to make a difference? Do you know what your passions are, what your dreams include or how to fulfill your purpose?

Each one of us has purpose and that will look differently for everyone. I am hopeful that you know your purpose or that you are searching to find what that purpose is.

Another passion we have at FPBC is looking to the future to see how we can grow and affect even more change for more families. This would include the ability to grow and strengthen our diversion programs, provide more referral services and to one day purchase our own day center.

We are faithful in our commitment to our mission, and it is our hope that everyone reading this newsletter will join us in that commitment. Here’s to finding joy and passion in helping those families who are experiencing homelessness.


Linda Smith,

Executive Director

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